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He said he would like to show his boss that it would cost 4 times the k for him to outsource coverage and hire a new person, not to mention the interruption the client would experience.He suggested I compose an email full of action words, like “I can commit to x dollars per paycheck” rahter than “I’ll try to repay ASAP.” He even kindly offered to proofread my email and look it over before sending on to HR and upper management.He mentioned that the likelihood of legal proceedings is low due to it being easier for them to get money from me if I am still working, and at least in New Zealand, it’s bad for the company reputation to take the hard road with their the very least, it’s not going to grow any bigger.Pay Pal fees are out of the equation, so any contribution I make is going 100% towards the outstanding amount.I am SHOCKED they didn’t fire me on the spot, relieved that it seems legal action is low on the list of likely outcomes, and totally amazed at their level of understanding and willingness to help me.It’s like this huge, scary, heavy, unknown thing that has been causing depression and taking my mind very dark dark places over the last 4 years is now lifted and I see a light …While he says he cannot predict the outcome, he will support every effort to retain me.He suggested as a start to just offer to relinquish the credit card and offer to expense legitimate things through my bank account going forward.You know, my friend, I think I am standing two inches taller.Just waiting for this second meeting is a bit of “limbo,” but it’s far far better than this terror I have put myself in over this. I’ll let you know what happens after this meeting (which I havent even got an invite for just yet).


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