Free chat on line with myanmar people

Back in 2010 or 2011 perhaps Line or others could make a big push into a country with local marketing, partnerships, celebs etc to gain attention. The messaging app gold rush for users is over, most people have their chat app/apps of choice among their friends and shifting these networks in large number is hugely challenging.

There’s no example of any country shifting its messaging app of choice.

As outlined above, it is tough to win new markets when it is a winner-takes-all-market and you are not the top dog.

It remains to be seen if Line, or any other messaging app firm for that matter, can make significant inroads into new countries now that consumers have largely made their choice of chat app.

The company draws significant revenue, 30 percent of its sales, from this advertising model — which also include sticker sets which companies sponsor in order to make them available to users for free.

Directly related to that, Line has pioneered stickers.

There’s an opportunity there, there could be major interest from bigger companies wanting a slice of the messaging space particularly in something with the potential to grow like Southeast Asia, but there is a huge and very obvious threat.

It’ll be fascinating to watch Line and Facebook spar in the future.

The fact that Viber, which got popular for providing good quality calls on limited 2G connections which you find in rural areas of Myanmar, can continue to rule supreme shows that many users are already locked into a chat app.

Facebook, however, is the exception to the rule here.


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