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What previously was thought of as ''curing'', turned out to be repression that would last, on average, 10 years before offenders started violating/predating again.The recidivism rate is extremely high, and many of them do not believe it is wrong (the less-brutal offenders think it's love, or they think children have the capability to give permission).Speaking as someone who has worked with a lot of these cases, there are offenders and then there are offenders. He is likely to be aware of the fact that he is on the website and might welcome having a chance to talk.

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The fact is that sex offenders do indeed live just about everywhere, and the database only has those who've been caught for it.

The truth about sex offenders is psychology has not been able to cure them.

With this in mind, I wouldn't treat your neighbors as evil weirdos.

They are probably ''great guys'', who have a sickness.

Give him a chance to speak for himself, and weigh his responses, Maybe make a date to talk with him again after you've both had some time to consider further.

Be completely honest and decide what you need to do. I can't believe they let these guys out, much less let them live near children.This is done line by line, which again is put into an array. Then I go through that array and read the registry one by one. I think it is bad policy and would vote against it, but I have also visited the website to see if there are registered sex offenders in our neighborhood.My reaction to your question is that you should understand that one of the most persistent criticisms of Megan's Law is that it is overbroad - many, many people have to register as sex offenders for committing crimes that would not otherwise conjure up an image of ''child molester'' in your mind.Hopefully he/she can tell us what is being done to keep on eye on these scum.-frightened You might it helpful to try to learn more about the offender's crimes. If he didn't appeal, you're of luck, but it might be worth a shot.So the first thing I would do is go to the courthouse where your neighbor was convicted and ask to see his court jacket, which is public information. What you have to do to properly get the results you are looking for is to type in your zip code only.Find out what exactly he was convicted of - that will make it much easier to decide what to do next (nothing, move, confront him, etc). Then it will display the names, pictures, info about the crime, if they are in violation again, AND their address. BTB Living in constant fear can tear you apart, and cause a lot of stress.Jan 2005 I went to the Megan's Law website a couple of days ago and found out that there are two registered sex offenders living very close to us - one lives right across the street and one lives somewhere next to us (exact address was not given but the location on the map was right next to us - even after zooming in) Suddenly everything feels very different about living on our street. We had actually become friends with the man across the street.He and his girlfriend bought the house about 18 months ago and they have been the nicest neighbors.


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