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For these reasons, your post count should be accurate.

Thread tags are used to quickly indicate thread statuses.

In roleplay, the overarching setting and many other aspects of the “story” have already been set.

You control your character’s destiny, and much of the fun comes from interacting with other players and their characters.

Remember that In Character and Out of Character interactions are .

If you dislike a player, don’t take it out on their character!Don’t make OOC posts in IC forums, which includes all forums in “Claimed Territories” and “Neutral Territories.” It’s okay to make mistakes, and you won’t get in trouble — but please be careful!Report any double posts, wrong account misposts, or other accidental OOC banter in the IC forums — whether they’re your own or another player’s. IC post count is a widely accepted measure of a roleplayer’s activity. The administration also evaluates some requests based on post count.WINGS submits workflows to execution frameworks such as Pegasus and OODT to run workflows at large scale in distributed resources.[more] We've created a simple tutorial that works as a reference for users already familiar with the Workflow Portal, and provides new users with steps explaining how to go about creating data, components and workflows, as well as how to run the workflows and access output data.As long as your ability permits, you can have many simultaneous threads!Concurrent threads means you may have numerous reply options on any given day.If you find yourself really disliking another player, simply avoid them in roleplay — drama mixing IC and OOC is especially tough to sort out, so please avoid it!:( In most forum roleplay, including ‘Souls, OOC and IC posts are counted separately.Pay careful attention to thread tags — for example, private threads are intended for a and you’re actually breaking the rules if you intrude! Generally, Read Only threads are done for NPC interaction, to advance a plot or for important character realizations.When you post on the ‘Souls forum, you’ll notice certain thread tags have their own pre-defined images. When you post a RO, use the image tag or otherwise mark your thread as such.


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