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By the time online dating became part of the scene I was on my second husband but I have many friends who have online dated and it’s an undertaking that requires patience, skill and emotional stamina.

Meeting eligible men when you’re post-menopausal comes with a special set of challenges.

Fortunately, we’ve probably already made our share of bad choices and gained a lot of experience over the years.

While we’re now able to put less emphasis on superficial qualities like guys being cute, we’re now searching for more important criteria, like a good RRSP and being a genuinely good person.

A decade later, online dating is ubiquitous; it's no different than going to the mall for a bit of shopping or having a meal at a fine-dining restaurant.

You can sign up for e Harmony either on their phone app or at the official website.That was always my advice to women in business as well.Raises and promotions don’t necessarily appear without marketing yourself and lobbying on your own behalf.e Harmony is one of the world's oldest online dating sites.Considering that it came out in 1998, one is inclined to view it as a dinosaur in comparison to the newer sites.The registration process is a pretty standard affair where you provide the details you normally would if you were to register at any dating website.When you get into the site, the layout is user-friendly, simple but quietly sophisticated.At 152 pages it’s a fast read and chock full of good advice.I didn’t agree with absolutely everything she said, but as a non-dater what do I know.The book includes chapters on preparing yourself physically and mentally, how to construct your online profile, how to read and assess potential ‘meets’, protocols for first, second and third dates, how to cut him lose or reel him in, sorting the wheat from the chaff, the benefits of tracking dates on a spreadsheet (yikes!), watching for and recognizing red flags and many other aspects of dating as a mature woman.


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