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Chelsea, however, won't even give him the time of day.

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On each page, you'll be given a listing of the categories, the winner or winners within that category, as well as a Final Tally, a listing of how many Emmys were won by each soap.

Here are some interesting Emmy facts and explanations to help guide you through this section.

In 1972, the committee added another award that would honor Outstanding Achievement By and Individual in a Daytime Drama. In 1973, daytime television was given its own Emmy ceremony.

At the time there were three categories---one for the top show, the top actor, and the top actress. The Emmy was named after an "Immy," an affectionate term used to refer to the image orthicon camera tube.

She runs into Billie and accidentally reveals that Steve bought her a necklace. Later, Billie overhears what she thinks is Steve recovering his memories and committing to Kayla. At the same time, Patrick pampers Hope, with the ulterior motive of convincing her to leave town with him. Later, Mimi watches as Willow is thrilled by Victor's $10,000 gift to Shawn, but Shawn refuses to take it.

She agrees, but she won't leave until Kayla is well. She is thrilled and suggests she and Shawn get an apartment together. He later visits his dad, saying he still owes him for the loss of the boat. Mimi tells Bonnie she's worried about Patrick, who has a huge amount of cash in the house. When the surrogate calls Bonnie demanding more money, she swipes Patrick's stash.He still wants a future with Hope, but she's still torn between him and Bo. He's Abby's cousin and he'll be living with them for a while.Later, after Hope is gone, Patrick accuses his mother of stealing his money. Abby welcomes him, but is less than thrilled that her new housemate is a total geek. Chelsea meets up with them at Dune, and Nick is left breathless.Bo and Hope give Caroline the news, and rush to the hospital where an emotional family reunion ensues.Hope is wary, as angry Patrick searches for his missing cash.Sami returns to her table with a sense of grace, and Lucas says he's proud of her. Billie takes off thinking that Steve has remembered the past and chosen Kayla. Lucas says he hasn't, and we get the feeling that both are inwardly pleased by the other's response.Bo figures out the significance of the mysterious set of numbers they found with Eve Michael's possessions. Bo tries to call Hope to warn her about Patrick, but learns they're together at the hospital for her prenatal exam. Sami and Lucas bond after the previous day's events. Material filmed within the given calendar year could be used for consideration of Emmy nominations.The performer submitted videotape of their work from two episodes, not necessarily consecutive days.Billie and Bo commiserate, and start to make love, while back at the hospital, Steve's memorized recitation of their life together reaches Kayla and she opens her eyes. Patrick later realizes that his money's been stolen.Steve is galvanized, as Kayla wakes up and whispers his name.


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