Efficiently updating materialized views dblp

DFSCQ introduces a —logical sequences of file-system tree states—for succinct description of the possible states after a crash and to describe how data writes can be reordered with respect to metadata updates.This helps application developers prove the crash safety of their own applications, avoiding application-level bugs such as forgetting to invoke fsync on both the file and the containing directory.

Veil leverages the fact that, even though developers do not control the client-side browser implementation, developers do control 1) the content that is sent to those browsers, and 2) the servers which deliver that content.

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Most modern web applications authenticate users and enforce security policies in the ap- plication logic.

Multiverse DB provides fast reads by storing the pre-computed results of user queries with policies already applied in incremen- tally maintained materialized views.

To reduce space overheads created by these views and avoid redundant processing, Multiverse DB reuses views and allows system administrators to specify security groups for users subjected to the same security policies.


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