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Place it where it looks good and link it to the header layer - we do this so that if you move one you move both, by linking layers together you can keep them in order easily. Add any images you plan to have in your header, try moving them about and test different positions - originally my jackalope was at the end of the header text, I think it ended up looking much better at the right hand side.

Before getting in to colours, fonts and whatnot you'll need to consider a layout. I went with three on the home, project and photography pages with images as links, my navigation bar is horizontal, along the bottom of the header.

You could also have a navigation menu that sits vertically along the left or right hand side like a column.

Basic skills - A basic knowledge of how to use your computer, the internet - The majority of this requires very little coding knowledge, so don't be intimidated - A sense of design - Knowing how to use photoshop would be nice, paint.

NET or GIMP Before you start hitting the computer, looking for design cues and knocking together ideas and templates, sit down with a piece of paper, work out everything you want in your site and how you'll get to it.

So I've previously written about this before, the old one is worth reading first, it contains instructions on photoshop and dreamweaver that this doesn't, however it misses a lot of points out compared to this one.

These days there are tonnes of services for building websites with and there are also a lot of sites and communities well suited to those not wanting to go through the effort of building an entire site from scratch.Fonts I've chosen two fonts over the site, one I really like called eight-one and for the content text a simple, readable Franklin Gothic Book.Your header and nav links can have a signature font, something you like that's eyecatching and a bit different, it should still be plenty readable though.Open up your favourite template and get to work with the slice tool, make a slice that encompasses the entire header.Now slice up your navigation bar, cut out each link as a slice, cut the ends either side too, to create a nice clean cutout - leave the big empty piece at the bottom there for now.Your content font should be clean, very readable and attractive.At no point will you use comic sans or papyrus, just don't.To export the page you'll need to go to save for web, use gif settings (size is best smaller) and when you hit save make sure to hit the dropdown to save images and HTML.At this point you should have or make a document in my documents - name this folder "killerjackalope site" as an example, save the page in here, PS will automatically make an image folder, which is handy. Set your local root folder to the one you made and your default images folder to the one made for your base design.Coming off these are sets of pages, from projects each project has a page which can be gotten to from the projects page.(they're also linked in the sidebar of each project page but that's not relevant now) Below the contact page I've got pages for links - simply to represent that the visitor can go somewhere from there.


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