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Numerous Indonesian colleagues at the time warned him he was wasting his time here.Now, stuck in small-town America, single and aged 43, he agrees with them. I agree with all the others EXCEPT Corey Wayne, if you actually listen to what he says and know his material well enough his teachings work well.

Watch her actions), being a “challenge” (Doc was one of Coach Corey Wayne’s early mentors), and not being a “nice guy” or doormat.what he does not encourage is being weak, or a pushover, etc. It didn't work" Well I don't think you are familiar enough with his work, it takes some serious studying and some serious changes to apply the things he's talking about, it doesn't happen over night and I think you gave up too soon.The other 4 can go away forever as far as I'm concerned, especially the arrogant asshole Doc Love (even though I know Corey Wayne agrees with some of stuff) because that dude is just being a prick half the time while disguising it as "tough love" and he uses fear and insecurity to try and get people to buy shit from him.“Yo what’s going on,” he greets us, “it’s Jason FUCKING Capital.” He offers advice on “how to be the cool guy on campus,” and “how to let go and let fvck in.” Capital’s biggest douchebaggery lies in blending gangsta rap with neuro-linguistic programming or NLP, one of the creepiest and most annoying self-help movements of the last 20 years.One of my bros actually tried Jason’s techniques at a bar in DC.“Yeah, I read about that.” Another one said, “Yeah, yeah, you’re gonna start off trying to be charming and then act aloof and cold. Most of them were battle-weary single Moms looking for a companion.I got it.” Eventually, I started to wizen up and did the growing up in three months I should’ve taken 10 years to do. And while they were kind, they were quite realistic about the practicalities of marriage. So, in such a spirit, I offer you: The Internet’s Douchiest Dating Coaches. Coach Corey Wayne Is as cheesy as a plate of Tex-Mex Tacos. Marni breaks down the dating and mating game from a woman’s perspective.“I’m sorry,” said one, “you’re unstable emotionally and financially. Some of my ex “” (poison snail or dirtbag buddies), have similar stories. He comes across as a “nice guy,” exactly the kind of man he teaches his acolytes not to be with women, and is a student of uber-charlatan self-improvement guru Anthony Robbins. She tells us women “test” men in a range of ways, subtly probing their self-confidence with little putdowns, and, again, offering the stock advice of “be confident.” Unfortunately, her whining voice is a little annoying, and, in the end, all of Marni’s games just got me blown off by bar-woman’s girlfriends.I need a more together man around my kids.” She was right. Corey offers tips on “how to get your ex back,” and “indifference makes the difference with women.” He says, like Mr. Corey also advises men to assume, “all women want them.” To his credit, he also says that “nine out of ten women won’t be interested.” On the upside, such an approach – like my 100:1 strategy in college: approach 100 and you’ll get one yes – builds resilience and staying power. Marni the Wing Girl Marni wins the douche award for advertising her services as teaching men to “get any woman they wanted.” Marilyn Monroe? To her credit, Marni claims to be “honest” with men, “calling them on their bullshit,” etc. In the end, though, Marni is just trading off the fantasies of lonely, unsuccessful men (like me), and thus wins douchebag number four award. Stephan Erdman German actor Stephan Erdman isn’t such a bad guy.In this clip, he advises on “How to be Attractive to Women if You’re Not Good Looking” (we don’t see too many dowdy or ugly movie stars). For us it was, “oh, so you spent 10 years in Southeast Asia – you must be a whoremonger.” 2.Doc Love Any one who calls themselves “Doc Love,” with cousins called “Sal the Fish Love,” is asking for a douche rating.


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