Difference between dating and married

And the older a person is, the less these differences come into play.

But with that said, there’s no denying that major age differences do have a role to play when it comes to adding stress to a marriage.

) I am in no way advocating that marriage should be avoided if these things are present in a dating relationship.

And I have a hard time answering questions like this, because it’s not my place to say who you should or shouldn’t marry, it’s God’s place.

But as I like to say, “opposites attract…then they attack” (Tweet It! The truth is, no matter what kind of differences we’re talking about in a relationship, differences tend to eventually bring tension into a relationship.

There are just some differences that make marriage harder…but five differences in particular tend to increase stress, and in turn, result in a higher likelihood of divorce (statistically speaking- though let’s always remember that God is bigger than statistics!

People who have the same levels of education tend to have more in common, which offers more fuel for connection.

It’s something to be considered when it comes to the factors that add stress to a relationship.

And if you want my personal opinion, relationships that are made up of age differences greater than 15 years likely come with their own set of deep-seated issues and unaddressed needs (for maturity, control, etc.)…but that is an article for another day.

Cultural Differences: I’m going to start this section by saying loud and clearly that I am all for inter-racial and intercultural marriages.


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