Dg834g not updating dyndns

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[1] https://sourceforge.net/p/ddclient/discussion/create_topic Regards, wimpunk.

As trac has been closed, maybe you could open a new ticket [1] referring to the trac issue and attaching the patch to the new ticket. Attached is my proposed solution for fixing the following issue: Basically, in the subrouting update_nics, instead of using only the 'use' value as key to the %iplist hash when checking to avoid repeating the same command, I use several option values related to the host being processed and that may (or may not) be related to the -use option being processed for the host.

Example file entries: ## single host update protocol=noip, \ [email protected], \ password=noip-password \ myhost.I hope support will continue - I've just switched to using no-ip from dyndns, who've started making life expensive. On Jul 20, 2013, at AM, Mike Scott Hi; I've recently started using ddclient (3.8.1).

I'm fetching the WAN ip address from my router, a netgear dg834g.

Should there be some certificates from the dynammic services checked instead?

Regards, /Lars I reported this back in February on the mailing list and opened a ticket, https://sourceforge.net/apps/trac/ddclient/ticket/76.

Only disadvantages is there might be some miliseconds of overhead (but hardly noticeable as perl hashes are very efficient) and you might have to keep in mind to update this "key chain" (let's call it that) should you add more arguments related to "-use" methods in the future.

Probably could be reworked to use another subroutine to do the dirty job, but if you ask me this is enough for my usage cenarios where I have multiple providers, each with different IP addresses, and I must sometimes use the same -use argument for each, such as -use=if,if=eth0 for one and -use=if,if=eth1 for another, or -use=cmd method invoking a different cmd for each one and playing with curl (like cmd="curl -s S --interface eth2 cmd-skip="Current IP Address: ", \ ...) - with this patch, it works like a charm and should be easy for you to figure more uses out of it, but should you need more elaborate examples please let me know.

Once that happens ddclient probably won't work. It explicitly sets the verify mode to SSL_VERIFY_NONE and should keep ddclient working once the perl module is changed. That's the same version I have, but the patch looks like it turns off verification.

Long term though I think this setting should become a configuration option and allow the user to set SSL_VERIFY to PEER or NONE. If so, that might not be a good long term solution.


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