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“I didn’t want to seem rude by not responding, and it was kinda neat at first.Then it just got exhausting.” To avoid getting totally bogged down, pick just three or so people you’re interested in knowing better and communicate with them.

f you’re single and over 50, where do you meet that special someone?

Online dating may seem like an obvious route for younger generations, but a single guy friend of mine who’s in his fifties recently voiced his objection to this popular, powerful dating tool.

The site services over 5 million active members and their membership are expected to continue to grow.

Their customer service and commitment to security have placed them among the best in this very competitive market.

“The first email I sent was really hard to write because I just didn’t know what to say.” If you’re unsure how to phrase your greeting, start with something simple like: “Your profile sounds very interesting, especially the part about [something that caught your eye].

I think we’d have a lot in common, and look forward to hearing back from you if you’re interested.” To stave off feelings of rejection if this person doesn’t write back, try emailing a few people at once. “Then I took the age in my search down by a few years and got more matches—and one is the guy I’m dating now!” At first, the sheer number of profiles and suitors emailing can be mind-boggling.Case in point: My mother Karen first began searching for men her age or a little older.“Quite frankly, I just didn’t get that many responses,” she told me.“I had no idea how to use a digital camera so I asked my son to take some pictures of me for my profile,” he says. Your kids always give you honest opinions (even when you don’t want to hear them! I have a better profile because of it.” The beauty of online dating is that it lets you search for any type of person you wish—it’s the perfect opportunity to find that person who’s a vegetarian or enjoys traveling as much as you do.But don’t get caught up in your ideal, since you may be shutting out a slew of great potential mates.“I hit it off with one guy through email, and we talked that way for quite a while before we met eventually for coffee,” she recalls.Having not dated since her teens, she assumed they were going steady—that is, until he informed her that he was meeting other women as well.“I always thought I’d meet someone naturally,” he said.Granted, this man’s views aren’t due to his age, but more his confort level with online dating.


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