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With the reveal of the networks fall 2010 schedule, they announced their decision to move 90210 to Monday nights at pm, as a lead-in to Gossip Girl.

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Elsewhere, Annie and Liam confront their feelings for each other.Elsewhere, Adrianna uses Javier's song book to get back in good favor with the label.Entourage's Adrian Grenier performs with his band at Naomi's birthday party.Maybe 90210 became Adele's staple guilty-pleasure TV series (as it did for so many of us), and she was so impressed with Wilds's acting that she told herself one day he would make a great turbulent love for one of her videos. Or maybe she had that thought watching one of Wilds's plenty of other TV or movie appearances.Before catching the role as the adopted son on the 90210 reboot, Wilds spent a few years playing Michael Lee on the HBO series, The Wire.Adrianna sings another song stolen out of Javier's songbook at his memorial service, but she soon regrets it when a video of her music number goes viral.Silver plans a cancer-awareness charity event to honor her late mother and enlists the boys to appear in a bachelor auction.It was released on DVD in the United States on August 30, 2011.Beverly Hills is rocked by an earthquake during the first day of the school year.After turning eighteen, Naomi finds out she can now access the money in her large trust fund, so she decides to throw herself a huge birthday party at the Beach Club where she hires the Honey Brothers band to perform.Meanwhile, Dixon, Navid, and Teddy decide to take Oscar out for a night on the town, but their party ends when Ivy finds a Facebook photo of a drunk Dixon doing a body shot off a girl.


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