Dating women who bounce checks

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It doesn’t make sense to y’all, because when you don’t like someone, you generally don’t want to have sex with them. We don’t need to like you AT ALL to want to have sex with you. Directly afterwards, the woman commiserates with her homegirls about how she THOUGHT she was in love, but she really wasn’t… Next thing you know, the gal’s all surprised that he’s being nice to her and he wants to sit down for dinner or a drink or coffee or Kool-Aid so they can talk about old times and figure out where their relationship went wrong…. In order to understand this, we need look no further than man’s best friend… Did you ever notice that there isn’t any dialogue in porno movies? It’s whatever needs to be said to facilitate the role-playing to set up whatever fantasy they’re trying to sell to guys. Except they’re *NOT* their best friends because we all know what a guy who’s a woman’s gets, right fellaz???

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Safe to say they didn't care, but yet, we're supposed to care about him?

— Hello (@Eatmorefruitz) March 30, 2018 So let's recap, #Stephon Clark had a racist babymama(whose racism he cosigned), had a string of anti black woman tweets and didn't even care enough to show support for #blacklivesmatter , but now that it happened to him we're supposed to care?

Reader “Elly” requested an article about “Why men always come back” and I informed her that that would be a one-word article. Women think that porno movies are ridiculous and nonsensical, yet they continue to fly off the shelves because they portray lives that guys would love to live…

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