Dating women in their 30 s

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The thing about Tinder and other dating sites/apps is that it's a numbers game.

For every 1 young woman I actually go out with, there are 5 to 10 that I talk to that don't result in a date.

While the truths of TRP never change, you'll need to make some changes to your game if you want to bang younger women.

What would be effective game for a 20-year-old to run on a young woman, if run by a 40-year-old, will most likely come across as immature and rude.

Once you get in the habit of talking to women everywhere you go, you realize that fun, young, attractive women are all over the place just waiting for you to flirt with them.

Here are a few examples of places I've met young women over the past few months: Dunkin Donuts – I stop a DD to grab a black coffee occasionally which always has several attractive young women working there.

Unfortunately, we want different things in life (she wants kids, I don't want any more) so it had to come to an end.

But I'm telling you this for the older guys not just looking to bang younger women, but who want to build a relationship with one.

Tinder – I've dated several young women that I met on Tinder.

If you're into bigger girls, which I'm sure plenty of you are, Tinder and other dating apps are amazing.


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