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Jake navigates the city with fellow skateboarders Trixie (Miss Kittie) and Spud (Charlie Finn) with help from his maternal grandfather (Keone Young), his Grandpa's gruff sidekick, a magical Shar-Pei named Fu Dog (John Di Maggio) and the love of his life Rose (Mae Whitman). When Jake ends up with a serious case of bad dragon breath, Fu Dog must set him up on a date for the school dance.

But his date goes sour when Jake finds out his hot date, Jasmine, is hiding a dark secret,he must stop her from stealing all of the students souls.

Sara sees only bad visions, but is always cheery because, when all she sees is bad, just the slightest good thing can make her happy.

Kara sees only good things, but is always depressed because all of the pleasant surprises are taken away.

The evil plan of Lord Grim for The battle in Flame Princess and Princess Bubblegum.

At thirteen (later fourteen) years old, Jake appears to be just your average skateboarding, comic book-loving teen.

Yang Jake's goal is to absorb all of Jake's other doppelgangers so he can overpower and absorb Jake, becoming Jake Long himself.

Twin sisters who are descendants of the Oracle of Delphi.

For all who oppose, which I don't see why anyone would oppose, We can just,"Flip the Script" Lets say that Princess Bubblegum and Finn are dating, that would mean Finn would have never felt miserable, and Jake would have never got her. Jake let's her free, He changes his mind, and Finn saves her but doesn't like her.

We have also seen Episodes with Finn and Princess Bubblegum. It is unknown if Princess Bubblegum is jealous of her.


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