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They are getting close to pouring the foundation walls. 0One of the first things we did after arriving, was to take all of the blankets off of the bed. Wednesday, we started laundry, packed away the winter clothes and brought out the summer ones. Jean set up our “outdoor space”, complete with our table, BBQ, mat and chairs. Jean has volunteered to mow our lawn and help build picnic tables for the RV park. We met with a multitude of doctors, dentists, specialists and hairstylist.On our last visit there, we met our neighbors to the north. I attended a funeral, and Jean had a crown put in his mouth, (not on his head although he deserves one. It was a busy week, but are happy to announce we are fit and well.I had dropped a floor tile on the joint of my big toe earlier in the week.

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Another Alberta convert to British Columbia living. We spent much of the day sitting outside our RV, visiting with friend Ian, (and another short visit with Rob and Anna) from Ontario. We made a trip to the garage door and interior door vendors and have now signed off on those as well.

We are finding we love our quiet, peaceful, shady little camp site. Choosing the hardwood and bathroom tiles were definitely more fun than the garage door.

We are trying to avoid the spring storm that is coming our way, so added another 2 hours to our drive and headed to Billings, MT. The roads were quite good, but the wind is strong enough to push us around a bit, making us slow down even further, adding an extra hour to our drive today. Lots of small towns, and billboards, but little else to see on our drive. We can go about 62 mph in Matt without shaking everything loose. It is a 4-lane divided highway with minimal traffic, so we aren’t frustrating anyone. We looked out on huge ranches with cattle and fields waiting to be planted if spring ever comes, and endless sky. We stopped to stretch our legs at a rest stop at the edge of the Missouri River.

There were 2 beautiful sculptures overlooking the river.

Luckily, it warmed up into the 70's/20's for a few days as well.

We are ready for summer, since Spring is so reluctant to make an appearance.Can’t wait until the apricots, apples, peaches, strawberries and blueberries ripen. We spent Thursday afternoon with a door and window vendor traveling to construction sites to get the chance to look at windows and doors. Luckily none of them required us to be up early the next day, because we weren’t. 0Monday night we met up with former colleagues/friends from Prospect Human Services. We went over to watch the final game and have a quick visit with he and Sharon before they headed back to Edmonton. 0Jean and I spent part of the week without a car, as we took it in to the dealership to check out the strange noise we noticed on the drive to Alberta.He had quite a strong accent (he is from Holland), so I missed some of what he was “selling”. We have been to visit our building site a couple of times. We decided leaving a blanket on wile the nights are still a bit cool might be a good thing. We left Calgary late in the day, Monday, despite our plans to leave early. We had dinners with friends, got in a few walks to balance off he great food and check out exterior house colors for our new home.Unfortunately, our week has not been long enough to see everyone we wanted to see. He has lots of dogs, and the dogs and Dennis are quite friendly. We unhooked the car, and Jean wiggled us in and out of the station with inches to spare!We checked into our “lodging” at Mike and Cheryl’s house upon arrival Sunday afternoon, and our marathon week began. After a good clean up of the, and starting some laundry, we left to go visit the Grand Coulee Dam. It took 12 million cubic yards of concrete to build the dam and has 3 power plants. We stopped along the highway to hitch the car back onto the RV. Once we turned on the generator to warm up the RV and warmed our dinner, we hunkered down in the back with our heated blanket and watched a movie.evening, where they walked around and looked at the displayed vintage cars. We have met our campground neighbors, who are also awaiting the completion of the house they are building. 0Monday, I had clients, and a visit with my 2 ½ year old friend Betty (and mom Georgia). At least we got a walk in Saturday afternoon before we gorged. Dayle was our official photographer, and unfortunately hasn’t sent any photos our way.1Dayle came to the rescue and sent a photo from our visit last week with Owen, Ellie and their parents. We have checked out the YMCA, found a circuit we can walk around the neighborhood that passes by orchards, horses, llamas and numerous fruit stands. It was definitely warmer in Kelowna than Calgary and we noticed the trees were in full bloom. Once home, we unpacked and began making a list of all the things we need to do in these first few days at home. Sunday we were up and off to meet our friends Dayle and Norm’s newest grand baby. Instead we have a photo of Jean’s brother Langis at the provincial bowling championship held at Chinook Centre bowling alley.Saturday, we joined Jean’s friend/colleague Rob and his wife, Anna, for dinner in downtown Kelowna. Some of the pieces had been marked incorrectly, so we had to re-work them, we put some pieces up-side down, backwards, you name it. 0Tuesday, we spent 4 hours with our decorator, beginning to choose finishes for the house.They had spent the day looking at houses in the area. 0We spent the afternoon building picnic tables for the campground. After perfecting the first, we were a house on fire, completing the next 6 in 2 hours. We now have chosen our hardwood and tiles for the house.The other often didn’t get the chance to say much.) One afternoon, another grandson, joined in the fun as well. We are finding different ways to navigate the city, and find ourselves lost, even with our GPS! Not difficult, but as it rained most of the day, (and please know we are most grateful it is rain and not snow) Jean was wet covered in mud. The weather advisory for the area originally said 9 p.m. We had rain the entire trip, with about half the time mixed with sleet and snow, especially at higher elevations. Once in Missoula, there were no signs of snow, only a mist of rain. We went to sleep with the windows open and no space heater on.Cheryl and Mike didn’t miss a beat, even when 2 colonoscopies interrupted the week (TMI if I share anything further on that). We are amazed that a city of approximately 100,000 has such dense traffic. We also only have 30 amps, so have to turn the heat pumps off and anything else that uses much power, if we want to use anything like the toaster, microwave or hairdryer. We have a wonderful view of the neighboring mountains (big hills? I drove the first 3.5 hours of the trip, although should have let Jean drive, as he was on the edge of passenger seat, driving with me….”you know these are summer tires, watch out, the retarder break can seize up in this weather, can’t go to fast, don’t use the cruise control, try your breaks…” and other helpful comments. We remedied that quickly, and with the time change yesterday, found ourselves up early.


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