Dating two women

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"In my head I was like ' I found love on the show'.

It was a whirlwind, all the wining and dining and taking me out to nice places.

After spending a good chunk of her time with Arie this week discussing what she likes in her coffee, Lauren's not exactly the most exciting contestant, but fans may have a reason to keep an eye on her.

On Twitter, viewers are abuzz with the possibility that Arie and Lauren B. Although we may not have seen much spark when they discussed if they preferred toast with or without crust (OK, not quite, but basically), Lauren and Arie have sparked internet rumors that, rather than being engaged, they're now dating.

Imagine how Twitter would've reacted if this happened more recently.

Dating two women unreliability of carbon dating

Jason and Molly are now married and have a child together, but that doesn't make their sketchy beginning as a couple any better.

Speaking exclusively to The Sun Online, Chanelle said she "felt sick" when she tuned in to Loose Women and heard Eden had been with someone else the whole time they were dating.

Chanelle started seeing Eden after they wrapped filming on Celebs Go Dating a year ago and said her "head is f***ed" after discovering he was lying to her the whole time.

When she revealed to Arie that her fear on the show was him choosing someone else, some fans wondered if the focus on Arie picking the wrong woman at the end of the show was a subtle editing hint.

If Arie proposed to another woman and then went back to Lauren, which editors may be hinting, it wouldn't be the first time a Bachelor was torn between two women.


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