Dating two woman at the same time

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You could just as easily replace that sentence with one about seeing other people but not being committed.) Once you plant the seed, that's all you have to do - until SHE brings it up again. This isn't about getting away with something, or getting one over on women.You can only date multiple women if you're meeting each woman's needs.

Then, six months into dating the new guy, my ex moves back to town.

We have mutual friends and seeing him out all the time immediately made me realise I’d never fallen out of love with him. I figure, why go one step back if I’ve already moved forward?

If you treat something like a big deal, she's likely to think it's a big deal.

If you act like something is normal, she's likely to think it's normal.

I know it's really weird for me to come talk to you out of the blue, and I won't take up too much of your time, but I wanted to ask you something…" So, how do you tell a woman that you want to date multiple women, in a way that communicates that this is totally normal?

There are a few possibilities, and I cover them all in my Relationship Management 3-DVD course (which is about everything from traditional relationships to friends with benefits, though of course a lot of it is on dating multiple women).

I always thought people were talking crap when they said they were in love with two people at once. ’ – N, 28 2 ‘I never thought I’d acknowledge the way I feel – because admitting you’re in love with someone other than your current partner makes you sound terrible. We’ve spoken about our feelings but have never acted on them. Rather, we spoke about it once and that was the end of it.

I have no intention of leaving my boyfriend for him as I’m still in love with him.

Or maybe even in the longer-term, you're comfortable having more than one woman in your life. To date multiple women, you have to understand female psychology.

You might be checking out your options, or not ready for a relationship right now. And it's not even that hard, if you really know what to do.


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