Dating too long before marriage

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In short-term dating, the benefit of marrying immediately is that it is possible that you will both try very hard to make the marriage successful. The downside is making sure that those feelings can be lasting and can withstand the trials and tribulations that come with life and affect both people in the relationship.

The length of time people date before they get married varies so much between couples because each relationship has its own dynamic.

They want to have enough time to know each others' quirks and habits and any potential annoyances that they might not like to deal with in marriage.

During this dating process, couples might decide to move in together before they are sure that they want to get married.

It's easier to get married than it is to stay married under healthy terms.

Marrying after short-term dating means learning on the spot how to run the household efficiently and with a great amount of cooperation.For example, a widowed man might wait a year or two before dating again and then marry almost immediately when finally dating a new woman.Some widowers spend more time waiting, but the majority don't and remarry rather quickly.The bottom line is that only you and your significant other decide how long you date before you know that you want to be married to each other.You have to gauge, on your own, the intensity of your dating situation and whether your romantic feelings are mutual. I work with Attraction Marketing Formula, LLC as their in-house writer.For example, the longer you date, the more likely you are to experience troublesome moments.These will test whether the other person has the strength to get through those moments with you.In that time, they have decided that they are in love, and marriage feels like a natural and appropriate choice.Not everyone agrees that getting married after dating for such a short period of time is a wise decision, but these situations are often unique.Decisions like this have to be a topic of conversation in the relationship.As a man, if I’m OK with where we stand, or I don’t anticipate getting engaged, we need to have that discussion.


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