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It’s super easy, because I just fill it up each morning and make sure to drink the whole thing before the day ends. And even if you do have to pee a lot more, isn’t it worth it to torch off pounds of fat?

It’s important that you get it raw—this means that it isn’t pasteurized.

Pasteurization, although it increases the shelf life of certain foods, also kills off the enzymes and probiotics that dwell within certain foods, and ACV is no exception.

For years, it was thought that steady state cardio was the best way to burn fat and get in good aerobic shape, but now science is starting to disprove this oh-so-common myth.

High Intensity Interval Training, which is also abbreviated as HIIT, is a form of cardio where you go all out for a short period of time, and then rest for a while, repeating this cycle multiple times.

Most people use glucose for fuel; this is because the average person has a carbohydrate based diet.

If you want to burn fat fast as hell, however, put your body into a state of ketosis.If you aren’t comfortable taking a cold shower, because you’re a massive bitch, try putting an ice pack under your neck for 20 minutes like Tim Ferris recommends in The 4 Hour Body.and doing nothing else, led to an extra 2 pounds of fat being burnt a month. Basically just put a couple tablespoons of this stuff in a glass, mix it around with 8 ounces of water, and drink half of it before your meal, and half during.Second, you’ll have 8 straight hours of clear focus, where you aren’t distracted by having to go eat food. Third, you can eat out at restaurants more, because the higher calorie content of restaurant food will actually help you hit your macros (since you aren’t eating earlier in the day you have to eat a lot later! Fourth, it’s good for you hormonally—IF has been shown to decrease insulin sensitivity, increase leptin (a fat burning hormone), and increase growth hormone.I could go on and on about the benefits of intermittent fasting, but I won’t. Be sure that you have a strong cup of coffee, though—preferably a couple hours after you wake up.I put out a previous article here discussing a bunch of miscellaneous aspects to the diet, so I’d recommend checking it out.And the best thing is that you’re never hungry when you’re on ketosis.That way, you can ride your body’s natural cortisol spike when you first wake up, and once you start to get hungry, the coffee will help suppress your appetite and keep you laser focused. This is perhaps one of the most efficient ways to shed pounds of weight.Drinking tons of water not only hydrates you, which makes your body run more efficiently, but it also speeds up your metabolism.What this means is that your body’s primary source of energy is no longer carbohydrates, but fat.In other words, you’ll literally be burning your own fat supplies for energy.


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