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Contact us please only at [email protected] We hope that you find the catalogue informative and helpful.It is a work in progress and we welcome advice, comment and offers of help from interested philatelists.The use of codes for the names of journals, while avoiding repetition and making it easier to cross-reference the entries, results in constant referral to the separate listing.

Searches can be made for any text that has appeared in since 1892, with all articles in which the text appears being listed.The objective is to create a single index of all specialist society journals, and stems partly from the difficulty in searching our own collection of journals and also from a wish to promote specialist societies.Steve Jarvis of the United Kingdom and Neil Donen of Canada have been largely responsible for restructuring data generously made available to us by a number of societies.Maintaining a record of these is an immense task and our Librarian, Ian Crane, has made available a record of our holdings for the Catalogue.This is to be considered a work in progress which will be refined over time. The London Philatelist The LP is the journal of the Royal Philatelic Society London; it has been published without a break since 1892.The data for each catalogue includes the name of the auction house, the location of the auction and the date. country or theme) of the sales are included in many instances.Like much of the work of the Society the cataloguing process is incomplete and continues to be compiled. Creeke Index The Creeke Index is a listing of the philatelic articles and reports appearing either in the English language press or in Le Timbre-Poste up to the end of 1928.To gain access to the Members' area of the Catalogue … Enter your chosen password and click on "Change Password". Auction Catalogues We have an extensive collection of auction catalogues with over 11,000 catalogues, including named and general sales from more than 250 auction houses.These date back to 1872, with not only British sales but with strength in European and North American auction houses.The LP Archival Edition has since been maintained, with new volumes being added annually.The set of CDs is still available for purchase from the Society.


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