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So were we on our recent trip to British Columbia, Quebec, and Alberta.

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If you’re in Kingston, Ontario – you have to take a ride on the famous Kingston Trolley.Along with the distance, part of the trail will have you ascending ‘the giant’, nearly vertically.But the views, and there are quite a few, are astounding.Canada’s Parliament buildings located in Ottawa, are an absolute must-see in the capital city.It’s one of the most beautiful buildings in Canada and is considered to be the heart of Ottawa.Make sure you’re wearing closed-toed shoes with a sturdy grip!You will be asked to remove piercings and other metal accessories. You will go up the elevator and have cables attached to your harness once you’re at the roof’s opening. The great thing is, the price includes admission to other CN Tower activities as well.Thankfully for us Mexican food loving Canadians, these hardworking people (who still speak Spanish) have brought with them their Mexican foods and ingredients and create bake.They sell a huge range of Mexican inspired dishes and ingredients in local shops and restaurants they have opened.The Mexican Mennonites who live in and around Aylmer have returned here after their ancestors fled to Canada in the 1920’s to avoid conscription.They refused to fight in any wars as they are committed to non-violence.


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