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Women-usually the primary grocery shoppers-cared more about freshness dating than men did.Sixty-eight percent of women said freshness dating is very important or somewhat important; 53% of men felt the same. Pepsi has its own figures showing consumer excitement about freshness dating.Today, freshness dates appear on just about all Pepsi-Cola Co.

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Analysts laughed, bottlers complained and even Pepsi-Cola Co. But nearly six months after the company started providing consumers with freshness expiration dates on soft drinks, Pepsi has reason to celebrate.

Many consumers consider freshness dating useful, and they associate it with Pepsi.

Freshness is more of an issue for diet soft drinks because aspartame breaks down after 12 to 14 weeks.

But the majority in the Market Facts poll named Pepsi as the brand with freshness dating.

Many observers-even some who were originally skeptical about the concept-see Pepsi's move as a marketing coup.

Dating pepsi can

"Pepsi created something out of nothing," Braxton's Mr. "It's to their credit and genius, but it also shows that this is a very mature category. There was no news in diets so Pepsi created news." Even consumers questioned in stores by Ad Age, in a poll separate from the Market Facts survey, saw it as a marketing-driven move though many applauded it.

Diet Coke grew only 1.7% to 3 million for the 52 weeks ended March 31, Caffeine-Free Diet Coke dropped 1.9% in volume to 9.5 million, Diet Pepsi dropped 2.1% in volume to 0.5 million and Caffeine-Free Diet Pepsi dropped 6.6% to 8.5 million.

"Pepsi made this move [to freshness dating] and then Coke went in to defend itself," said Brian Kardon, director of consultancy Braxton Associates, Boston.

Nearly all of Pepsi's major competitors felt compelled to also add readable freshness dating to the bottoms of their cans.

The tactic stirred up a mature segment, though it's unlikely that freshness dating will have a long-term impact.


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