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And now those who have shared the joy of the executioners burned people could not be citizens of a free country, but have become slaves to Chabad. After this war, the beginning and end of which is not amenable to precise dating Khazaria changed its appearance.

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In his remarkable work «Zigzag stories», academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences LN Gumilev extremely accurately predicted the events taking place today in Ukraine.

At the beginning of the IX century the Khazars coup, in which the second man after Hagan (prince, king) became a Jew Obadiah, son of Dagestani warlord Bulan to Judaism.

Joining the Crimea to Russia was due to the enormous influence of the peninsula throughout the Ukraine, the entire Ukrainian people.

Besides the most important geostrategic importance for the whole of the Crimea Black Sea region and the Middle East even overestimated, well aware that the new organizers of the Khazars in Washington and Dnepropetrovsk, but the president of the Russian Federation VV Putin beat all.

Nalivaychenko) fascist punitive operation in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions.

Moreover, Purim March 16, 2014, when a referendum in the Crimea on the status of an autonomous republic (the date was not chosen at random, but to as much as possible to hit the Ukrainian Jewish sect Chabad), Rabbi of Dnepropetrovsk Shmuel Kaminezki said: «We live together with the Ukrainians for 1000 years. Today we will read the scroll of Esther, read it as a thousand years on Purim.« Funny mention of Ukrainians with whom Jews live together for 1,000 years, but the mention of Haman is very expensive. In the broad sense, it is Russia and the Russian people, and more specifically — Russian President Vladimir Putin plans to intervene in the Chabad-Lubavitch to restore new or Khazars, according to Boris Filatov, the new Zion in Ukraine. Flimsy house «city on a hill» — the new Jerusalem — began to fall apart as soon as builders started his creation. Because acted lies and betrayal, sacrifice and ordinary citizens of Ukraine for the XXI century of unprecedented ferocity that shook so many people.Today builders new Khazaria unleashed all his hatred against Russia and the Russian people against VV Putin and his team, calling the new Russian president Aman, thereby emphasizing his patriotism and understanding of the enormous danger contained in the plans and I. But even more important for understanding the root causes of the Kiev Revolution I.While in Dnepropetrovsk has created a temple for MM Schneerson, where he should sit on his throne, is the center of Chabad «Menorah» — the largest complex in Europe.So, members of the Chabad-Lubavitch longer expect the arrival of Moshiach in Israel, but Israel is going to build your — City on the Hill (Zion) in the Ukrainian land, recreating the Khazars, a new historical homeland, because they do not remember Israel and, apparently, do not want have nothing to do with genuine Promised Land.In the ninth century Khazars occupied a huge area at the time, from Astrakhan and the Caspian Sea to the Dnieper, including the Crimea, with an outpost in the north of White Tower, from which arose the name of the Bialowieza Forest, which moved in the X century fled after the defeat of the Khazar Jews.And now we are talking about a new revival of the Khazars, whose center has shifted in Dnepropetrovsk and, apparently, Ukraine had become a contributor to the «city on a hill» — the new Jerusalem.The result of this confrontation became valuable civil war. Coup that killed tribal aristocracy of all ethnic groups were part of the Khazar Khanate and get on with the Turkic dynasty, called a civil war, where the rebels were on the side of the Magyars, and on the side of the Jews — hired for money Pechenegs.This war was ruthless, since, according to the Babylonian Talmud «non-Jew, a Jew who does evil, it causes the Lord Himself, and thus committing treason deserves death.» Extermination of all the people who were on the other side of the front, there was an echo of antiquity. Kiev junta sent to the South-East of Ukraine military formations of the western regions and amphibious brigade Dnepropetrovsk, but still not enough to trust its own citizens, realizing that people shoot their army will not. Kolomoysky put bandits «right sector» This bloodthirsty villains essence descended fueled hate propaganda Chabad, led to the terrible tragedy in Odessa on May 2.And if you compare this fact well-known fact that for political upheaval need money and organization, it is evident from what has been linked circles Obadiah.From the change of government did not win the Khazars and Khazar Jews and Jews visiting the Jewish community as a whole.


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