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In reality, several factors play into which site or app works best for any particular person.Age is a big one, as can be the type of relationship desired.

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And if this wasn’t enough to wreck your nerves — a whole new set of dating lingo has emerged. This is a type of ghosting (a 2017 term when the person disappears from your life) but isn’t as harsh because they reply, very politely, but never ask you out again. An orbiter has disappeared from your life but still hovers around all your social media.

A classic orbiter will have no contact with you for weeks and then like an Instagram post or tweet — to randomly jolt your solar system.

The majority of Tinder’s users are in urban locations, but because of the app’s popularity, it’s worth a shot even if you’re in a smaller, rural area since it’s a location-based app.

Using the app is free, with the option to upgrade to Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold.

Take a look at what each region is head over heels for.

As you go west, however, and the non-religious population grows, religiously-affiliated dating gets jilted.Love is in the air and it’s apparent online, where an increasing number of singles find their next date virtually.Cupid’s arrows hit the target in online dating apps, which have seen triple the users in recent years.Breadcrumbing Colloquially known as leading someone on, this trait involves you flirting and texting someone just enough to make them like you but never following through with any plans aka the whole loaf of bread.It might be an ex who continues to check on you, but never suggests meeting up.If she’s 18 to 25 and single, she’s more than likely on Tinder.You’ll find everything from model-quality girls to cute “girl-next-door” types.At, we wanted to speculate about which platforms get used most often to find partners in each state, and if any patterns emerged in our collective search for the perfect match. Niche apps that focus on demographic factors like religion, gender, or lifestyle are on the rise and trending heavily in certain parts of the country.We expected to see wide areas of Tinder country, where swiping right is part of the single life.You won’t find a single state that prefers to mingle the Christian way beyond the Rockies.Lots of recent, trendy dating apps focus on women for a reason.


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