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It can sound like a single-coil Strat or a thick humbucking power axe.

It can sound like a single-coil Strat or a thick humbucking power axe.

As a result, many of them are favorites of rock guitarists like Myles Kennedy, Tony Rombola, Mike Mushok and a slew of others. It's a known strength of the PRS brand that most of their guitars can hang with most genres, metal or otherwise.

Even the budget SE models are high value purchases, especially if you're willing to add a new set of pickups.

Dustie Waring (we'll get to his signature PRS later) is a big fan: Regardless of how attractive you might find the Floyd, the tone of this guitar is incredibly warm and full, like you would expect from the nicer PRS guitars.

Particularly when played clean, there's a thickness and resonant bass response that sounds really good.

If you aren't ready to spend big on the PRS core models, you've got other options.

Here's a rough estimate of what you'll be able to expect from each tier: For example: I got my CE 24 from Guitar Center for nearly half of what it would have costed brand new, simply because I dug up a 2005 model that hadn't been heavily used.The highlight features on this guitar would have to be the Floyd Rose Tremolo system and locking tuners.This makes it particularly ideal for lead guitarists and those who do a lot of heavy tremolo work.We have tight working relationship with the PRS factory, and specialize in stocking custom built instruments, limited edition runs, and Private Stock guitars. But the best I've played PRS guitars since before I had a driver's license, so I can say confidently that they're a top-notch brand.This is of course without changing the stock pickups, which is the only area that I might say could use an upgrade.Even if you don't change the pickups out, this guitar is a long-term, professional option at a beginner's price tag.It's a refreshing alternative to the embellished metal aesthetics that you'll often see in a lot of other guitars.The 513 has two single coil pairs at the bridge and neck position along with a middle single coil rail between them.There's simply nothing to dislike about this instrument.PRS sweetens the deal for metal heads by throwing in a licensed Floyd Rose tremolo system and locking tuners.


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