Dating middle children

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The youngest generally tends to be the most affectionate and more advanced than peers who do not have older siblings.As much as parents set out to love and treat all of their children equally, it can happen that the first-born is placed on a pedestal, whilst the youngest, being the “baby” in the family, generally gets away with just about anything.

Children suffering from middle-child syndrome can tend to become very cloying as they seek the attention and love that they are missing.

If they do not get the attention they require they may act this out by exhibiting negative behavior as they may feel that is the only way to get attention from their parents or other adults, and perhaps even their peers.

By the time the next siblings come along all these things are expected so there is not so much of a fuss made.

Being stuck in the middle is not the ideal position for any child, as they may feel that they do not fit in with the other siblings.

Middle-child syndrome occurs because the middle or second-born often feels as though they are invisible and need to do so much more to get any attention.

Dating middle children

Parents and grandparents make a huge fuss of all the firsts of a first-born, such as learning to walk, the first tooth, learning how to tie their own laces or ride a bike.

Many middle children therefore tend to exhibit behavioral issues such as temper tantrums, acting out, faking illness or various other ways geared to get attention on themselves.

Middle child syndrome can have some positive effects too, and one of them is that the middle child often becomes the peacemaker in the family, especially between siblings.

Middle children often feel that they have to fight to receive attention from parents and even other family members, and often feel as though they are being ignored.

This feeling could be enhanced by the parents without them realizing it.


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