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Travel restrictions are also in place for eastern, parts of central and western Manitoba as well as the Mars Hill Wildlife Management area, the Duck Mountain and Porcupine Forest and southern Manitoba parks.Campfire restrictions are also in place for many provincial parks in southern Manitoba.

Please exercise caution when in or near forested areas.

If using an ATV in areas where backcountry travel is permitted, please remember to stay on developed trails, stop frequently to check areas around the engine and exhaust for debris and carefully dispose of any debris found.

A small shovel, axe, and fire extinguisher should be carried with your ATV at all times.

Please be sure to read these statements and privacy policies.

Information is collected on the University website through a variety of methods: 1) by University web servers; 2) via analytics services running on the University website; and 3) by information provided voluntarily in e-mail and/or web forms.


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