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Bette looked down on Crawford as a shallow “mannequin” with eyebrows like “African caterpillars” whilst she was a serious, theatre-trained performer.She also called into question Joan’s reputation with the opposite sex, or as she put it “She slept with every male star at MGM, except Lassie.” Crawford was no kinder “Poor Bette,” she tutted “she looks like she’s never had a happy day, or night, in her life.” In 1943, Crawford, and her eyebrows, left MGM and signed up with Warner Bros, the studio which just happened to be the home of Ms Davis.

And in those fight scenes, no stunt doubles were necessary.

Despite this, the two actresses were described as consummate professionals, always remembering their lines and turning up to the set on time.

Even if it was motivated by the chance to give each other a good kicking.

Said Bette “The best time I ever had with Joan was when I pushed her down some stairs in enjoyed rave reviews and widespread acclaim, with Davis nominated for a Best Actress Award at the Oscars. Not to take this lying down Crawford came up with a plan. To deliberately upstage me like that- her behaviour was despicable.” Their claws continued to be out for one another for the remainder of their days, until Joan was the first to pass away from a heart attack.

I also wanted it to be a place of community, which single Christians could call their own, people who can feel rather marginalised in Church communities.

Much about the site has changed and developed over time but it is still this vision that drives us.” Christian Connection is run by a small and dedicated team based in London, UK.

It was the most notorious cat fight in Hollywood history.

In the blue corner, the formidable Bette Davis, and in the red, equally feisty Joan Crawford.

Joan was married to the CEO of Pepsi Cola at that time so Bette made sure she had a Coca Cola machine installed in her dressing room.

For a scene in which Bette had to drag Joan across the floor, Joan filled her pockets with rocks.


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