Dating game skit questions

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Peggy, I have another song Id like for you to hear. Now, keep in mind this song wont be published for another 15 years and it wont be on CD until the year 2003.

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Before the day ends you will be with me in paradise. Yes, at Podak, we believe you like pictures and we like your money.

Thats why weve arranged for you to experience some of Americas finest dining at Whataburger! And to remember your day, our sponsors at Podak are loaning you a disposable camera.

PEGGY: If I were to meet you in public, whats the first thing youd say to me?

2: I would say, come to me and I will remain with you forever. PEGGY: Bachelor number 1, if we got married, what would our future look like? 1: Well, right now Im living in my parents basement, but Ive been planning on getting my own place. I would provide you with food, clothing and a place for you to rest your head. Then go out for some breakfast, head home to sleep, and then do it all over again that night. So, it wouldnt be fair to the others if I answered your question. Bachelors, before the show, I sent a message to each of you to choose a song that best describes your mission in life. 2: Actually, I do have advance notice of the Earths final destruction. 1 lip syncs and plays air guitar.) PEGGY: Well, that certainly helps me make my decision. (Play Dance, Dance, Dance from CD Studio 54, Track #4 Bach 3 disco dances.) PEGGY: Sounds fun. To get a job, Id have to read the newspaper and actually apply for a job. Cause were gonna be hittin every disco club in the Big Apple. After the clubs close well head to the after-parties. PEGGY: Bachelor number 2, if I became your bride, what would my future look like? 2: Peggy, in my fathers house there are many mansions and the streets are paved with gold. PEGGY: Bachelor number 3, what would our future look like? 3: Darlin youd better put on your dancin shoes and your finest polyester. (Play To Hell with the Devil by Stryper, Bach 2 jumps up from chair, lip syncs and plays air guitars, drums, etc. Will her dream date be with Bachelor number 1 (rock hands in the air), Bachelor number 2 (hands out and open in acceptance) or Bachelor number 3 (right fist in the air 3x)? (Play Dating Game theme song and fade after 5 seconds.) JIM: (Ranting and raving) Make up! (Stage crew/make up artists run up to powder his face and comb his hair). JIM: Thank you to all our sponsors and our audience. Until next time (Play theme song and throw kisses on the screens) (All blow a kiss to the audience. When we come back, our bachelorette will let us know her decision. Congratulations, Peggy and Jesse and thanks for playing the Dating Game. (Fanning herself) JIM: Peggy, are you ready to play the Dating Game? PEGGY: Bachelor number 3, if I were to meet you in public, whats the first thing youd say to me? 3: Id look you right in the eyes and saydarlin, this is the day of free spirits and free love.


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