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A person with cold sores is far more likely to give their partner genital sores than vice versa. It's not just the risk of spreading cold sores during kissing.If you have an oral herpes infection, you can give your partner a genital herpes infection by going down on them.

I find myself, in…yet another encounter with someone of similar (yet less destructive) ilk. “You should be proud of yourself…” my girl friend texts me early in the morning, urging me to turn the negative in to a positive. or that I’d be ok with ‘seeing how things’ go/flow…but perhaps it was the Oxycontin being released in my brain that told me just to escape while the going was alright. A part of me really can’t stand psychology and therapy. ” I can quite often hear myself saying to my therapist. Still, you're far more likely to be able to build a lasting relationship based on the truth. They're also less likely to blame a partner for giving them herpes if they went into the relationship with open eyes.HSV-1 dating is much easier when everyone involved is aware of the risks.Dating with oral herpes is a tough topic for many people.It's hard to tell a new sexual partner that you have been diagnosed with an STD.Cold sores can also be caused by HSV-2, the virus usually referred to as the genital herpes virus.However, oral infections with HSV-2 are far less common than are genital infections with HSV-1.Chi CC, Wang SH, Delamere FM, Wojnarowska F, Peters MC, Kanjirath PP. Interventions for prevention of herpes simplex labialis (cold sores on the lips).


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