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I was experiencing a lack of fulfillment and needed help defining my professional goals and strategies for achieving them.

Chris and I were able to set up our first meeting within one week of our initial call which I appreciated.

I recommend checking her out if you are looking for psychic insight.

I sought out a coach because I was looking for guidance on ways to improve my career.

We have had two meetings so far, and I can tell already that he is very astute. I find SHEpherd's guidance very useful in my current career.

He helped me define my core challenges and goals within the first hour and we're already working on a plan for moving forward. Dina gives me advice on navigating usual hurdles and some not so common hurdles.

She reminds me she will always be there, and she tells me never to hesitate to call her anytime I need her. Not only did I feel comfortable but I received practical advice. I have and will continue to recommend these services to my friends and family, Nekeidra was amazing to work with.

She helped update my resume, explaining the different formats required for online applications vs. She also coached me on tailoring my resume for each and every different job I applied for. Thomas has been and continues to be much more than just a highly trained personal fitness trainer!

I started working with Jonas about three years ago and he changed everything. I put my complete trust in him to lead me on my fitness journey. His knowledge of the body and its mechanics, muscle strength, nutrition, and overall fitness knowledge is amazing.

He's an incredible trainer, coach, and person. Making sure you get the most out of each and every movement he spots and corrects placement, motions, etc... Genuinely interested in your wellbeing and success! " You want a change in your life, become the change! I found Lisa through her website after quite a bit of searching.


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