Dating at mazar e quaid

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Mazar-e-Quaid is the Mausoleum of Father of the Nation, Muhammad Ali Jinnah.

Its construction began shortly after his death in 1948 and was completed in 1960.

It is one of most favoured tourist destination of foreign tourists visiting Karachi.[1]The location is usually calm and tranquil which is significant considering that it is in the heart of one of the largest global megalopolises. Official and military ceremonies take place here on special occasions, such as on the 23rd of March (Pakistan Day), the 14th of August (Independence Day), the 11th of September (the anniversary of Jinnah's death) and the 25th of December (Jinnah's birthday). It is well maintained and all the dignatries visit to place flowers/wreath.

Dignitaries and officials from foreign countries also visit the mausoleum during official tours. Apart from the mazar, people come with families to enjoy the environment, there are number of vendors all around the place, local dishes are available.

There are many famouses Places situated in karachi as specially Mazar e Quaid and sea side Ports.

Govt should makes Laws for safty of all Humanitarion livings in karachi and makes huges sentences for criminals in Petty crims cases.

Discover the amazing city Karachi by visiting your choice of Places to Visit.

We updates you with all the famous Places to Visit in Karachi.

White marbles is probably the most famous tombstone in Karachi, which appears in the media every time photos and Karachi mentioned.

The structure of the mausoleum is bounded by a large park that until recently in disrepair.


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