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During the centuries of slavery after their ancient civilization of Elvhenan fell to the Tevinter Imperium, the elves lost most of their language, history and lore.However, when Andraste and her husband Maferath led their Alamarri army against Tevinter in 1020 TE, the elven slaves led by Shartan rose up and helped fight against their masters. He fed me well, never beat me, even taught me how to read so I could do his accounts. But at worst I'd collapse, get bandaged up, and lie in bed too weak to move for days.Our people began the slow process of recovering the culture and traditions we had lost to slavery. The Chantry first sent missionaries into the Dales, and then, when those were thrown out, templars.

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) Go swimming Tell her to change first (she'll come out naked instead if she's had 3 glasses) Skinny dip Get out Go to hot tub Play truth or dare Truth (doesn't matter what question you ask her) Dare (ask her to go to a convenience store in a towel) Offer her to buy beer naked (click on her towel) Go shopping Buy condoms Buy snack food and go back to jeep Drink Beer She'll wanna **** in the parking lot! I have probably played it 30 times since it has been posted since yesterday, and decided to try it one last time (no cheating), and have finally porked this broad the jeep and once back at her place.Before all our gods, they dedicated themselves to Halamshiral, becoming our protectors, our Emerald Knights. They forgot that once, long ago, Andraste's followers and the elves marched together.They forgot that Andraste called Shartan "brother." —A Promise Lost, as told by Keeper Gisharel to the young hunters of the Ralaferin clan on the outskirts of Halamshiral We could once again forget the incessant passage of time. Swimming pool, go out from pool (not repeat swimming) 9. First Truth (you have never f**k on a hot tub), Second (she) Truth (ask whatever you want), Third (you) Dare, Fourth (she) Dare: Undress Top Here you have two different ends: Final A: Dare (you) and Dare (she), undress bottom Drink wine, french kiss, massage shoulders, grab bubs, lick nipples, massage low back (tummy), massage thights (legs), grab ***, finger F**K!! Flash boobies, Click on terrace table, talk, compliment, eat, drink 8. The Dalish are considered to have the "purest" blood from the time of Arlathan.They still revere the elven pantheon, and in a ritual to commemorate reaching adulthood each member of a tribe will have the symbol of their chosen god tattooed on their face.Their clans date back to the independent kingdom of the Dales and the Dalish themselves are their descendants.Many Keepers are descended from the nobility who governed the Dales.However, there is an elven account of a Dalish presence in the Anderfels at this time who were fighting the darkspawn.When the city of Montsimmard was nearly destroyed by darkspawn in Divine, it is alleged that the elven army simply watched from nearby.


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