Dating and relationship reality television series

She's back at the reality game again — and this time she's looking for love.

Kate Gosselin is back and she's getting her own dating series!

Since his split from Kate, he's done quite a few things like work at a T. Jon also didn't waste too much time getting back on the market following his divorce. Kate is one of those people that you either love or you hate; there's really no in between.

He has dated a few women over the years, many of whom have met his children. Some people think that her personality is fantastic, while other people find her to be too much.

Ever since Kate's divorce from Jon, she has been linked to her longtime bodyguard, Steve Neild.

Although both Kate and Steve have denied the rumors over the years, stories keep popping up from time to time.

As for what exactly is going on with Collin, that's still a bit of a mystery.

Kate revealed that her son had been "struggling," and that he has "special needs."Kate doesn't have a relationship with her parents or with her sister.

Much to the surprise of many, Jon and Kate Gosselin decided to go their separate ways back in 2009. Noticeably absent from family photos and the family's reality show is Kate and Jon's son, Collin.

That's because Collin was sent to a boarding school where he gets 'the help that he needs'.


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