Dating and relationship advice understanding men

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This doesn't mean that he does not care about you.

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Don't worry if he doesnt respond instantly, he most likely has a lot on his mind already.

So, does this lack of interest in romance mean that men have less character than us ladies Absolutely not!

Does your guy seem truly disinterested whenever you are talking about something that is extremely essential to you Do you at times feel that you are having issues with your relationship and you really wish to talk about it Does your guy seem much less excited, even annoyed, when you insist on talking about this problem instantly Much more frequently than not, men prefer to keep their issues to themselves and prefer to consider them rather than discuss them.

This however doesn't mean that your man is incapable of talking or communicating with you, it just indicates that he would rather comprehend the situation, analyze it and then maybe talk about it.

If you were his only love won’t he call you at least once daily? You are not gong to end there as I would also, that you know the most effective therapy for taming a “high flying” man and making him surrender to your will.

In sum, he becomes too difficult for you to please.6. Why can’t your man be available for you when you need him?With regards to communication, it would do you great to give your man more space.When he is ready to talk to you, then allow him to approach you.If you understand your man, you will know he is playing games from his attitude towards you. The meaning of all these is that you no longer appeal to him as some other woman has taken your place.5. When you discover that your man is no longer comfortable in your company, know that he has started enjoying another woman’s company. Most men hide under the guise of being overworked in the office or hanging out with friends and colleagues to play games on their love partner.This might be too hard to swallow but it is the truth. “Most nights he hangs around in the bar or club with everyone else except you.” Thus using the opportunity to be with other women.In our quest to understand men, we discovered that most men tend to have a vague outline of an concept on what they truly want or need from their ladies.They always appear to say on factor, but end up performing some thing else.Merely to acknowledge the fact that men do believe in different ways from us would certainly lift a heavy burden off your shoulders.So, the next time he acts in a weird manner, dont sweat.Much more Relationship Guidance on Understanding Men Correct from childhood, men are taught to be very disconnected from their innermost feelings.Women are brought up to anticipate their men to be strong, dominating and in control.


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