Dating and marriage practices in morocco

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The party that is primarily a women's party delivers household belongings such as handmade blanket, mattress, bedding, carpet, frash, Moroccan couch etc., to the couple's new where the bride performs a sort of a “milk bath” to "purify" her.Bride’s negaffa or negassa (female attendants) usually supervise the event.

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The party enjoys tea & cookies, dances on Moroccan music and make merry.If too shy to ask directly, an uncle or other relative will intercede and do the asking. True, and not a joke; and – A date is chosen for the marriage ceremony. In the meantime, the Groom begins buying the dowry. Wedding Day in Morocco:– The Groom and family bring the entire dowry to an open space, lay everything out and check off against the marriage contract to make sure nothing is forgotten.If they say no, it’s no;– If yes, parents visit the Brides parents to discuss dowry and agree on a price. Checked off the list, everything is loaded on to several horse carriages and taken to the Bride’s house in a procession, accompanied by friends and relatives, singing and dancing.Morocco, one of the gems of the North Africa, is the country with very rich and active traditions.Like other cultures of the world, a Moroccan wedding is a great gala event. A typically traditional Moroccan wedding process can take up to seven days.It begins with several pre-wedding ceremonies that take place before the actual wedding.According to the old Moroccan wedding traditions, parents would choose the bride for their son.Wedding ceremony takes place in great gaieties and celebrations.In old times, at some point in the evening, the groom accompanied by his family members, relatives, and friends, would move towards the bridal party. The groom and the bride are then lead to the bridal chamber.Both families wait a short distance away outside the door while the best man or best woman sits directly outside the door with a silver platter.When the marriage is consummated, the blood-stained white sheet is passed outside and put on the silver platter to show the family that she is indeed a virgin.


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