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But correctly pointed out that the party has not given details on specific income brackets that may be established or said if there would be any caps.Howarth was asked several times for those details during the past week but would only say that it is a “sliding scale.” Unfortunately, no matter how the incumbent Liberals are more experienced with governing and budgeting, this is a party that is most likely to suffer defeat after 15 years in power.Out of the NDP election promises above, the top three will all appeal to seniors.

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But the problem with this Liberal budget lies in the fact that the 2018 budget outlines a total of $20.3 billion in new spending over three years that will put the province back into deficit after finally balancing the books last year. Doug Ford promised to cut gas prices by 10 cents a litre if his PC party wins next month’s election, saying he’d do so by cutting the provincial gas tax and scrapping the cap-and-trade system.

But he was not clear on how he would replace the billions in revenue that would be lost by taking those actions.

When asked how he would make up for the lost revenue, Ford only said, “We can’t afford not to do this.” NDP leader Andrea Howarth, meanwhile, would not provide details of what families earning more than $40,000 would pay for child care under her plan for the province.

The NDPs are proposing to fully subsidize public, licensed, not-for-profit child care for those earning less than $40,000.

As a press release from Ipsos reads, “With the rising belief that the NDP is the better option to stop Ford, the anti-Ford vote is coalescing behind the Howarth banner.” Progressive voters like me would do whatever we can to stop Ontario from having our own version of Donald Trump as a leader.

Last time when the NDP was in power in 1990, Ontario experienced the worst recession the province ever had.

But it claimed that the publication focused on getting the correct information.

This might be true, but when all print media now also have digital versions, the speed of reporting is almost as important as the accuracy.

I did not find out about the tragic news until about 4 p.m.

that afternoon, and I immediately relied on for the latest news.


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