Dating after death of fiance

Sometimes people feel guilty about wanting company and physical love.Often they have all sorts of other unresolved emotions about the death of the partner, and the more they try to ignore them, the more they tend to surface. But they might be about anger that the person has gone, or about resentment that other people are still a couple and can look forward to an old age together.Sometimes friends or family will get impatient if you're not 'over it' after six months.

If your partner was dying for a long time, the chances are that you did loads of grieving before he or she actually stopped breathing.

You are then more likely to feel ready for a new life than someone whose spouse died suddenly would be.

Hopefully, many will be pleased that you have found happiness again.

But there may be jealousy from other friends who have been on their own for longer.

Certainly, new romances won't go well if a grieving person is avoiding the pain of bereavement by immediately replacing one partner with another.

Recovering from a loved-one's death is just not that easy.

But eventually, we're quite likely to consider the possibility of romance again. Losing someone we love is one of the hardest things we have to face in life.

But eventually, once we're ready, it's highly likely we'll consider the possibility of finding love again. In our own practice we have known men and women form new relationships well into their eighties.

In cases of lengthy terminal illness, it's not unusual for a new relationship to blossom even before the partner dies.

And although this new relationship can be a great comfort, it can also be the source of deep guilt.


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