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Otherwise, it is impossible – the winter in the country is long and quite depressive (although the latitude of Stockholm is quite warm, and closer to the continent, to Malmö, there are winters without snow). Especially the Swedes like to sunbathe before the winter trip somewhere on Mallorca – so as not to get burned. In order to get acquainted with a woman on the street in Sweden, it is often enough to just come and say hello.However, in addition to this feature of the Swedes, there are many myths about the inhabitants of this country, many of which are completely irrelevant.

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The rates of overweight and obesity have been changing in Sweden and are becoming a serious health concern.

The country is still in the lower to middle range of obesity when compared to other places in Europe—or heaven forbid, America.

Swedes like most Western women, follow the figure and, accordingly, carefully consider the calories.

Fast food in the country is not very popular among people of mature age.

Which brings me to my next point: Let me enlighten you on a staple of Scandinavian fashion. Yes, they are not the sexiest shoe on a girl, especially if you are used to Eastern European gals with their 6-inch heels and almost-magical ability to not break their ankles even when they walk on ice. Winter is seriously cold here, so don’t expect them to show more regard for impressing you than they do for not getting hypothermia. Still, it’s not as bad as Scandinavian street style blogs make it out to be.

People there are selected for their fun and quirky style choices, not because they are representative of Swedish women as a whole.

The fact is that Swedish girls are accustomed to choose their partners themselves, and if they have decided something, it would be extremely difficult to convince them.

A woman can calmly come up and find out if you want to spend the rest of the night at her house.

As for married women, the situation is different here.

They are not forbidden to have relationships with other men, but only not sexual.


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