Dating a smith and wesson pistol

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armed forces have always been under appreciated by collectors, the good news is that makes them relatively inexpensive to acquire, but this is changing.

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It could be a .38 regulation police or an old Hand ejector. The only .38 spl Smith and Wessons in that serial number range were produced in 19 as the Smith and Wesson .38spl Hand Ejector M&P.

I would love to hear some of the stories it certainly has to tell! I ask because as a ' Proby' cop during that period of time, they were given the choice of a .38 Colt or a .38 S&W 4" Hvy Duty Model 10-6 to buy.

Open the cylinder and look on the frame first, for a model designation. Then, at the very least you'll know the exact model number. I know it has some age to it and definitely has seen a great deal of action. ORG On it, there is a listing under HANDGUNS: REVOLVERS The first catogory is called IDENTITY OF S&W REVOLVERS The info you're looking for will probably be available there, by giving the required info .. Especially if you can place it at any major events in your fathers career or the previous cops career.

After that I can't help you, however, there are many other websites where the year of manufacture can be determined, based on the serial number. My Dad was a survivor of the '60s riots, black outs and Black Panther ambushes at the 40th in the South Bronx. I think you have to cut it in half and count the rings..wait, that may be for trees. Based on how you describe the guns history and service it's too bad it can't speak. So your dad bought itas a recruit from a retiring officer, who bought it as a recruit from a retiring officer... Just sign up with a user name & password and you're set to go. Is that revolver the actual gun he used as his service revolver?

Yes, we bought everything that was required to wear from the ' NYPD Equiptment Store', located in 400 Broome St, NYC.

At a recent trip to the 2003 Louisville gun show I noticed prices on Victory revolvers had increased noticeably. If you post a pic of the gun, I should be able to tell what it is. The story of how he came to own the pistol was that he purchased it from another patrolman who was retiring. Remington has a serial # look up person in customer service. serial numbers range from 241,704 - 1,000,000 ( mfg. Can you tell us what are the markings on the backstrap ? ) Chris The numbers on the back are NYPD armory numbers. They look like Model 10's, and are very similar, but predate the Model 10 by over 50 years. The pistol was hard chromed back in '83/'84 before my Dad retired from the job.Serial numbers are located on Inside right grip, frame butt, Cylinder, extractor star, and bottom of barrel. Grips: Checkered walnut with medallion until early 1942, post February of 1942 they are smooth American Walnut with out medallions. Navy orders you will find no acceptance marks on the original two contracts they placed. The acceptance mark of Ordnance officer Waldemar Bromberg is located on the butt (to about serial number V145000). B.) is usually found an ordnance bomb and proof mark. D is found on the left top strap; The property mark was shortened to "U. If the "S" in the serial number on the butt appears to be machine applied this would indicate it was produced with improved hammer block, and that it was not added later or it would have been hand stamped. The later appear to be Army Supply Program contract revolvers.Crane and crane recess are also serial numbered to each other, but this is a different number then the revolvers serial number as is correct for Victory model revolvers. (4 inch common in .38 special, 5 inch common in 38/200 or .38 S&W) Sights: Fixed Finish: Early sandblast blue, sandblast mid-night black (appears grayish black). The acceptance mark varies with the particulars of the order placed. On later Navy revolvers, ordered through the Army they will be found with the more typical Army G. The "P" proof mark indicates this revolver has passed military proof testing. The improved hammer block was put into production after an accidental discharge killed a sailor during World War II. Serial numbers are located on the inside right grip, frame butt, Cylinder, extractor star, and bottom of grip. Dad told me that the cop he bought it from had bought it from another cop who was retiring during his rookie year. I'm wondering what the hard chrome does to the value - but I'm guessing you're not even considering selling it so that's not important. On the length of the barrel is this "Smith & Wesson Springfield Mass USA Patented Feb 6.06, Sept 14.09 Dec 29.14" There is a web site called THE HIGHROAD. I'd think it has more value to you than to anyone else, but the history of that gun is pretty cool. This happened in 1965, my Dad's first year on the job. The thing could be from 1925 (if the first retiring cop bought it when he went on the job)-1945 (if he got it just before retiring) guesstimating from the first known purchaser... Combat Handguns actually has a short explanation of this) which puts it as "old" for sure. Any gun with a serial number and they'll tell you when it was made and how it left the factory. My Dad had told me that cops could buy the pistols from the NYPD buy having a few dollars taken out of their paycheck every month.I have talked to many ex-military personnel that carried them as late as the 1980s, as you can see these pistols played a significant part of our history.To this day the Victory model is a very enjoyable shooting collectible, mainly due to its inexpensive cost, light recoil, and good accuracy. D acceptance mark was moved from the butt to the left top strap with the property mark. Found on the revolvers left top strap as per the two Navy contracts.From approximately 1942 to about May 1943 the acceptance mark of Ordnance officer Guy H. This improved hammer block is still utilized in today's commercial Smith and Wesson revolvers. Serial numbers should be matching on all revolvers.Crane and Crane recess are also serial numbered to each other, but this is a different number then the revolvers serial number and is correct for Victory model revolvers.


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