Dating a dueber watch

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Thank you so much for taking your time and knowledge to support my concerns.Conductors will report to Messrs Bond any irregularity in the movements of their watches, and they will clean, repair and regulate them, at the expense of the Corporation, furnishing Conductors with reliable watches in the interim.This form was accepted by the majority of railroads with only minor changes and remained in use for a century.In addition to curtailing the acceptance (for watches newly entering service) of Roman dials, pendant-setting and hunting case watches, a near universal inclusion of two features occurred over the course of only a year or two around 1906-1908.The plan was that should any of its standard watches not be accepted due to a change in the requirements within five years of the date of purchase, South Bend would alter it to pass, or replace with one that would meet the requirements.There is a shield type of design in the center on the front. It has(###) ###-####on the inside of the front case. According to the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors (NAWCC), the Dueber-Hampden Watch Works introduced the Molly Stark, a size-3/0, 7-jewel, gilt-finished watch in 1896.It has the same number on the back case as well, and xx84 lightly scratched below the case number ***** the back. It is on a long gold chain with a small heart shaped slide to adjust the length. When the Molly Stark (pendant watch to be worn around the neck, or pinned to the blouse) was introduced it was the smallest watch made in America.The Serial number on the case is(###) ###-####It was made in Canton Ohio. The serial number I sent you was from the rear works. The case is etched in a pattern like the old "spiro-graph" toys used to make. Could you provide an image for review and note overall condition, paying special attention to ANY visible flaws?Single roller, pendant-set, hunting-case watches with Roman dials were still being allowed to enter service as late as 1906, but several years later, the rules almost uniformly precluded these features.Rolex Omega Cartier Tag Heuer IWC Breitling Rotary Longines Piaget Other Makes Diamond Set Under 100 Rolex Omega Cartier Tag Heuer Rotary Longines Other Makes Diamond Set Under 100 Gold Pocket Silver Pocket Clocks Diamond Rings Rings Over 100 Rings Under 100Please remember that this is just an approximate guide and can not be used as a 100% accurate outlook as per how old your watch might be.


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