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For example, while the rate of new infections through injecting drug use steadily decreased between 19, the rate of new infections through male-to-male sex dramatically increased over the same period.8 Of all new infections, 50% were among men who have sex with men (sometimes referred to as MSM), male sex workers, and transgender people, making this population a priority for prevention work.9 Overall, in Thailand 9.15% of men who have sex with men are living with HIV, although prevalence varies greatly depending on location.1011 For example, in Bangkok prevalence is estimated at 28.6%.12 Condom use among men who have sex with men is high, estimated at more than 82.1%.13 But, although the availability of prevention services has improved, new infections have not declined as much as intended.14 Prevention programmes also haven’t reached as many young men who have sex with men, meaning they are less likely to know where to obtain an HIV a test, or understand their risk.15 This, alongside a perception of low risk and multi-partner sex fuelled by performance enhancing drugs, can result in low condom use.16 A 2013 study of men who have sex with men in Bangkok found HIV incidence to be much higher in younger men (8.8 per 100 person-years among those aged 18 to 21, compared to 3.7 per 100 person-years among men over 30).17 Pre-exposure prophylaxis (Pr EP), antiretroviral treatment taken by HIV negative people before potential exposure to HIV in order to stop transmission, is currently being piloted in five sites in Thailand for men who have sex with men.18 This includes the Thai Red Cross Anonymous Clinic, which has been trialing Pre P since 2014.Users are charged US$ 1 a day for their supply of pills, along with counselling and health evaluations.19 In Thailand, HIV prevalence is far greater among male sex workers than female.Officials tend to turn a blind eye and dismiss sex deals as a one-night stands with mutual benefits.

Thailand’s health ministry said the country has around 120,000 sex workers.

Each of them earned 5,000 baht ($160) per night in 2017, 17 times more than the country’s minimum wage.

• Although the epidemic is in decline, prevalence remain high among key affected groups.• Thailand is the first country to effectively eliminate mother to child transmissions, with a transmission rate of less than 2%.

• Thailand hopes to be one of the first countries to end aids by 2030, however to achieve this more must be done to target young people and key affected populations.

At these red light districts, sex workers, male or female, provide all kinds of services, from a fun date to arousing massages.

The alleys stand right next to a shopping center crowded with Muslims.The country has at least three laws defining the acts of selling one’s body and enticing sexual desires for money as illegal.In 2003, the Ministry of Justice planned to legalize prostitution to collect taxes and try to control STDs, but eventually it could not rule over traditional ethical values.They are unofficially recognized as part of the economy.In Vietnam, sex workers are commonly looked down upon as social evils.Explore this page to read more about populations most affected by HIV in Thailand, HIV testing and counselling programmes, HIV prevention programmes, antiretroviral treatment availability, barriers to prevention and the way forward for Thailand.Of Thailand’s population of more than 60 million, in 2016 it was estimated that 450,000 people were living with HIV and that 6,400 people died of AIDS-related illnesses.1 After sub-Saharan Africa, Asia and the Pacific is the region with the largest number of people living with HIV, with Thailand accounting for approximately 9%.2.Nearly 10 million people avoided HIV transmission because of early intervention programmes with key affected populations between 19.Although the HIV epidemic is declining, certain groups have much higher rates of HIV compared to the general population.Figures in 2016 indicated there were nearly 101,300 sex workers in Vietnam, not much less than in Thailand.I do not think that threats to criminalize them will eliminate their existence in the near future.


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