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Texas Constitution - The Constitution of the State of Texas. Court of Criminal Appeals of Texas - Find Law cases for the Court of Criminal Appeals of Texas.

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A court in which, by statute or constitutional provision, a particular type of action must be initiated and where the evidence is heard, the facts determined, and the law applied to those facts for the first time.

An appeal of a District Court’s decision would normally be heard first by one of the United States Court of Appeals, and then by the United States Supreme Court (the court of last resort in the federal judiciary).

The Supreme Court also considers appeals of state court decisions involving questions of federal law.

(Disputes over the taxpayer’s claim for a refund are considered by the United States Court of Federal Claims.)The intermediate appellate court in the federal judiciary that hears appeals from trials conducted by the United States District Courts and other lower federal courts and appeals of administrative decisions from some federal agencies. An Article I court with jurisdiction to hear all claims against the United States government that are based on the United States Constitution, a federal statute or regulation, a contract with the federal government, or other cause of action not involving a tort.

Texas Statutes - Find Law's hosted version of the Texas Statutes. Court of Appeals of Texas - Find Law cases for the Court of Appeals of Texas.


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