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Splitting your photos between multiple libraries helps Photos open more quickly, lets you archive older photos, store some of your collection on an external hard drive, and reduce storage space used by i Cloud Photo Library.

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In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to stop Photos for Mac from copying imported images and videos to its own library.

In this mode Photos uses symbolic links, a mac OS feature that lets apps converse storage by referencing files.

Of course, not everyone needs to organize their media files manually, and most people won’t.

But for those who do, Apple’s provided this tremendously useful option in Photos.

TUTORIAL: How to adjust the location of your photos and videos on Mac As long as the volume or folder is accessible to Photos, you can view and work with your referenced media in the app as you normally would.

When you switch to referenced mode, the app puts up a message informing you that your referenced images won’t upload to i Cloud Photo Library.Again—if you rely on i Cloud Photo Library to sync your photos and videos, you must consolidate any referenced files into the library to make them part of your i Cloud Photo Library.To consolidate one or more referenced items, select them in Photos, choose Consolidate from the File menu, the click the Copy button to confirm the action.“This action will copy the original files into the Photos library and cannot be undone,” reads the prompt.The process may take a while depending on the size and locations of the referenced files.Instead, use Photos to export the file as a new copy which saves its edited version. To switch to referenced mode in Photos for Mac, first select Preferences from the Photos menu.Next, click the General tab in the Preferences window.You now know how to use referenced mode in Photos for Mac.If you’re running low on storage or want the freedom to organize your photos and videos into custom folders—and don’t use i Cloud Photo Library to sync them across devices—then you should definitely consider giving referenced mode in Photos a try.If you have any questions concerning the topic of this tutorial, please post a comment below.Do pass along this article to other Mac users you support and don’t forget we accept your submissions regarding future coverage ideas via [email protected] Download


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