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Payton: I don’t think about it very often honestly.

Payton: I don’t think about it very often honestly.Right now, I have been feeling very overwhelmed with schoolwork and extracurricular activities, and I feel like a college relationship is something that you need to make sure you have time for.

The advice and philosophy you offer is both constructive and life-affirming. I noticed her immediately – she sat in front of me in the Gospel Choir and would frequently look back at me and smile/stare, never saying a word.

One day she was enthusiastic and flirty and the next day she was uncommunicative and tense. And I wrote it specifically for the brainy, overthinking, underexperienced dudes who populate the Ivy-type schools that our good man Kevin attends (he’s at Dartmouth).

In short, she seems conflicted – as if I may be both a source of happiness and confusion. This letter touches upon many themes that are relevant to the love lives of college boys, so we’re going to blunt-dissect them one-by-one, because that’s the best way to see all the components of folly that’s going on here — and destroy them in the process :) Why does all of this sound familiar to me?

I understand the number of responsibilities will only increase when I take harder classes for my major, which is why I do not want a college relationship currently.

If I am lucky and suddenly I have free time soon, I may consider it, but it will not be a priority for me.


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