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This is just the formal way of Christian dating and also applies to other religions too.The dating youth are encouraged to practice patience when dating and therefore they should not rush things.

According to Christianity, youth who are dating should adhere to Christianity teachings when dating.

Whereas these are rules that have been set by the church, there is no one to follow you and make sure that you are following them.

The faith that the two have will keep them going and enable them also to strictly watch the set guidelines when they are dating.

Sometimes, churches will offer guidance and counseling specialist to be consulted by the youth who are dating.

They are encouraged to take time and learn each other.

This, however, is not meant to encourage them to break up in case they realize otherwise.

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In fact, they are encouraged to get more committed to church and not to disappear in sins of the world.

This is so that the two remain faithful to God and always continue strengthening them not to lose faith.


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