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There were regions I hadn’t been before, certain parts of Tuscany that had vineyards. That is why he is so unpleasant, because anything that is going to hurt his grandmother is going to rile him up. Watching her in rehearsal was the biggest learning thing for me because we spent two weeks sitting with the script and re-reading scenes, and Vanessa would talk about a scene for an hour. Just the way she pulled apart scenes, the backstory of her character and bringing her own personal stuff to the table. My character really dislikes her initially, so it was nice to pick those moments together of how their relationship would change over the course of the movie, without making it too hardcore. I wanted that journey, though, because it is based on his protective nature toward his grandmother.The long-running battle between American technology giant HP and British software tycoon Mike Lynch will burst into the open again next month when the trial of Autonomy’s former finance director opens.Sushovan Hussain, a 53-year-old Briton, was indicted in late 2016 by American prosecutors."I think it's nice in our movie that they don't just hit it off straight away and it's all just happy ever after," he explained."It feels like real characters with real issues and I think that's the perfect love story — two characters that hate each other in the beginning, but end up transforming over the course of the movie." Check out everything we've got on "Letters to Juliet." For young Hollywood news, fashion and "Twilight" updates around the clock, visit Hollywood Crush. We had an intense schedule and you don’t get the treatment in Australia that you get here.There are communal change rooms, no wardrobe person or personal assistants.Hollywood This is one of your first major film leads, a very romantic role and it’s opposite Vanessa Redgrave and Amanda Seyfried.How did you get the role and did anything freak you out about the challenge?But they both made it completely comfortable, nobody was difficult. : I actually had done two projects there before, which was really cool.One of my first jobs ever was in Rome, so I lived in Rome for six months. [laughs] The scenery is really a major character in the movie, and it’s all on location. The most romantic thing I’ve ever done was a road trip through Italy with a girlfriend.


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