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Below are a few channels in’s the main page that you can join and try out; just combine the name towards the end of the URL

Once a person has created the chat room, they can forward the new URL to anyone whom they wish to speak with privately, and they will be chatting in just a matter of seconds. You have permission to republish this article under a Creative Commons license with attribution to the author and Anon

However, the channel list(s) is not stored at any place; therefore random people will not turn up in your that is unless you create a very simple of a guessable name for the channel.

You will find a number of odd ways you can chat with people nowadays, from instant messaging to Facebook Messenger and programs like Hip Chat, Slack, Whats App, etc.

If you would like to build your personal private chatting system without any hassle besides entering a different Address in your web browser, nonetheless, you can’t make a mistake with, a new, bare hassle free, no extra approach to personalized chat that looks to be a product of the 80’s but in a good and simple way. banana And this is what a random one looks like – ?


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